Moving Data between Collections

Entries can be exported from a lesana collection to another using the lesana export command and a jinja2 template.

The template should generate a yaml file that is a valid lesana entry for the destination collection and it can use the fields of the starting collection as variables. The variable entry is also available and gives complete access to the entry of the original collection, so fields with names that aren’t valid jinja templates can be accessed as[<field-name>].

E.g. to convert between a collection with fields name, short-desc, desc to a collection with fields name, description one could use the following template:

name: {{ name }}
description: |
    {{[short-desc] }}

    {{ desc | indent(width=4, first=False) }}

From the origin collection you can then run the command:

lesana export <path/to/destination/collection> <path/to/template>

to export all entries.

You can also export just a subset of entries by adding a xapian query with the parameter --query; you can test the search using:

lesana search --all <some search terms>

and then actually run the export with:

lesana search --query '<some search terms>' <destination> <template>

note that in this second command the spaces in the search query have to be protected from the shell.