lesana init [–help] [–collection <collection>] [–no-git]


lesana init initializes a new lesana collection.

It will create the directory (if it does not exist) and, unless --no-git is specified it will initialize it as a git repository, create a .gitignore file with some relevant contents and add hooks to update the local cache when the files are changed via git.

It will then create a skeleton settings.yaml file and open it in an editor to start configuring the collection.

When leaving the editor, again unless --no-git is used, it will add this file to the git staging area, but not commit it.

It is safe to run this command on an existing repository, e.g. to install the hooks on a new clone, but it will overwrite the hooks themselves even if they have been changed by the user.


--help, -h

Prints an help message and exits.


The directory where the collection will be initialized. Default is .


Do not use git in the current collection.